Kayihura having last laugh, Mwenda tells Tumukunde


Senior journalist Andrew M. Mwenda is having a field day following the arrest of presidential candidate, Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde.

“Karma is really a bitch. As minister of security, Henry Tumukunde claimed that Kale Kayihura was working with Rwandan President Paul Kagame to overthrow Kaguta Museveni,” Mwenda said on Friday.

Mwenda noted that the same Tumukunde is today going to be charged with treason [at General Court Martial] for calling upon Rwanda to help him remove Museveni from power.

“Fate is a great joker, it always laughs last. Kale Kayihura must be having the last laugh.”

Victoria University

On allegations cooked up by Tumukunde, Mwenda went on, he was hounded out of office; searched, jailed and charged with recruiting an army and piling up weapons to help Kagame overthrow Museveni.

“Once at his offices as security minister, Tumukunde told me tall tales of how Rwanda had infiltrated 6,000 soldiers into Uganda, built up cells in every village, swamp and forest ready to strike and overthrow our government.”

He claimed to be the leader of the effort to dismantle them.

In December 2017, he told Museveni that Rwanda had massively deployed at the border ready to invade Uganda, and that he had personally seen the deployments.

“I was rushed to Kigali to discuss the crisis only to find, and Tumukunde later admitted, it was all a lie!”

According to Mwenda, Tumukunde was not the cause of the Uganda-Rwanda feud; he was one of the key persons fanning and profiting from it.

“It is therefore ironic that he would later call upon Rwanda to help him in his struggle against Museveni and even more ironic that he is being charged for treason on it!”



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