Tumukunde to spend night at SIU detention in Kireka

Womanya and Akullo serve Tumukunde at his office

The Thursday raid and arrest of presidential aspirant Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde was headed by Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Crime Intelligence (CID) and Special Investigations Unit (SIU) bosses.

CID director Grace Akullo and the head of SIU Elly Womanya went to Tumukunde’s private office in Kololo, Kampala with both a search and an arrest warrant issued by court.

Soldiers in Kololo

The former Security minister was then arrested by a combination of Special Forces Command [SFC] soldiers, Joint Anti-Terrorist Task Force [JATT] and regular police officers.

Akullo and Womanya then took Tumukunde to Kibuli CID headquarters in Kibuli to write a statement.

Victoria University

While being arrested, Tumukunde said: “I have been arrested. This will not stop our resolve.”

He will spend the night in Kireka, the SIU-run detention facility.



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