Nagenda: Tumukunde joke like Amama, can’t get 1%

John Nagenda, Presidential adviser on media affairs

“I think Gen Henry Tumukunde will perform poorly, actually, he will be worse off than Amama Mbabazi,” said John Nagenda, Presidential Advisor on Media Affairs.

Nagenda, who was Thursday appearing on NTV, said there is reasoning that “people are tired of us, if people are tired of us, then they shouldn’t vote for us, then we will be out”.

He said when former Kampala Capital City Authority [KCCA] executive director, Jennifer Musisi, knew that she was leaving, she made roads that looked like rubbish.

“Every time I drive through those roads, I curse.”

Victoria University

“I don’t think Gen Tumukunde will actually stand, I know him, he is naughty, I think he is joking,” he said.

He added: “He [Tumukunde] just wants to annoy President Museveni and I don’t think he will even get 1% of the votes.”

The electoral commission Wednesday cleared Tumukunde to start countrywide presidential consultations.



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