Arrest won’t stop me, says Tumukunde as SFC, JATT commandos rush him to CID

Tumukunde being taken to CID headquarters [Photo by Canary Mugume]

“I have been arrested,” Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde confirmed his arrest on Thursday evening.

“Comrades, I have been surrounded by army officers at my private office in Kololo,” the retired soldier said earlier as Special Forces Command [SFC] and police surrounded his private office in Kololo, a posh Kampala suburb.

“Stay United,” he added, as the military closed in on him.

Tumukunde at his office

How the arrest was executed

Victoria University

Soldiers first sealed off two roads in Kololo near the offices of Multichoice Uganda along Impala Avenue, what used to be Lawns Restaurant.

No one was allowed to get anywhere near Multichoice offices or former lawns, a property previously housing Lawns Restaurant and owned by Tumukunde.

Deployment along impala Avenue is still heavy, a combination of heavily armed mean looking SFC and JATT commandos.

The army first closed the roads

They also blocked the road starting from Nanjing restaurant to the T-junction that joins upper Kololo terrace from the traffic lights in Kololo.

Brandishing automatic weapons, they sealed off part of Impala Avenue with trucks and not allowing anyone to go through.

“No cars, boda bodas are allowed to cross. Journalists have been chased away and prohibited from filming anything,” reported NBS TV journalist Canary Mugume.

 “This will not stop our resolve,” Tumukunde  said while being arrested by soldiers.

He has been taken to CID headquarters in Kibuli, according to reports.



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