Sebei endorses Blaise for NRM youth league chair

Blaise Kamugisha

On Tuesday, Blaise Kamugisha held a successful 5th Townhall Youth Meeting in Kapchorwa, for Sebei Region covering three Districts/Municipality.

There were 50 participants.

Excerpts of the speech.

I am here to seek for your advice, guidance and ideas on my candidature, the youth, your views on the youth league and where You want us to go.

Victoria University

I am also here to share with what I think are the challenges facing the youth league from my own personal view. And at the same time my solutions to the challenges inform of my plan.

I must first tell you what I think about the youth league. Simple, it is weak.  It cannot bite, it can’t bark and can’t even sniff the danger our party is facing.

The NRA went to the bush to liberate us from previous incompetent regimes, poverty, political injustices among others, that liberation is not complete, we must be the olive branch of the party to complete this liberation.

NRM is the only party that can take us there but we may die a natural death like some liberation parties in Africa that never saw their evenings.

That last part of liberation is economic. We must attain economic freedom.

I will say it here again, as we continue to slumber, the reactionaries are occupying your space and we shall wake up when we are in opposition.

We can’t wait to be active in opposition, because we shall not achieve what we are setting to do here today. History will judge us harshly.

For us to achieve what we set here today, we must play together like are football team.

Everybody must have a role. When one fails everybody is affected. We Must work as a team, lose together and win together.

And when we have achieved as Youth, the same must be reflected throughout all the structures of NRM.

We begin to lose focus when some candidate go around talking ill about other candidates, yet we are all in the same party. Present the ideas and let the people choose.

The things I am talking about here should be the concern of every candidate, whether I win or lose. I would be a very proud to be member of a Youth league that is vibrant, active and powerful not a sleeping giant.

The method of gaining political capital by smearing other negative is a reactionary method, very archaic and does not build the party.

I don’t want to be part of that school of thought because I know we are all not perfect.

My silence over attacks on the person of Blaise to weaken him, has become part of the manifesto of some candidates.

I also know their weakness and I can freely talk about them in public, I can also pay people to blackmail them, but of what good is it? It only exposes their ideological malnutrition.

If we only put that energy and time to build the Youth League outfits such as people power would have not relevancy

It is a shame that we have left the NRM party to the old guard including the Youth League. So what is your role.

If we continue fighting that we expose our internal weakness. We are indirectly arming them to fight us back.

We must change how Youth League is run. We must strengthen the structure, increase participation in governance and develop ideologically.

That is what shall separate us the mighty NRM from other political outfits.

My leadership will not be in a vacuum, It will be anchored on experience I have gained as a leader in various capacities.

I also urge you to go and mobilise more vibrant young people to join the structures of NRM and lead.

I also urge you to mobilise young people in your villages to register as party members and get the membership cards. Tell them a revolution is coming to the Youth League and they should not be left out.

The Youth also endorsed the candidature of Blaise Kamugisha for the position of National Chairperson NRM Youth League.



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