Bobi Wine: Muhoozi & his dad failed to kill me in Arua

Bobi Wine at his home in Magere

People Power Movement leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has said he has nothing to discuss with first son Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

“What is there for me to talk with Muhoozi when his father is stepping on my neck?” Bobi Wine wondered Wednesday morning while speaking to NBS television.

He said it is important to have good ground for conversation, echoing a proposal by the first son to meet and talk.

“Let them stop killing Ugandans and stepping on my neck. Nelson Mandela said, only free men can negotiate.”

Victoria University

According to Bobi Wine, historically, Gen Muhoozi and his father [Gen Museveni] behave like that.

“They had come to take my life in Arua, but unfortunately, they took that of Yasin Kawuma. Bobi Wine:”

“As a Ugandan, I would expect Gen Muhoozi to tweet about the death of Ritah and all the people who have been killed.”

Bobi Wine said it is more of a concerning point to talk about all those unresolved deaths than calling out police for the pelting of bottles at an artiste.

“I expect the presidential advisor to take a point in what matters first. When I look at Gen Muhoozi, I don’t see a general, I see another Ugandan.”

Bobi Wine said the same security people who are descending on him and Ugandans support him.

“Away from the watchful eyes of their supervisors, they approach us and tell us they are with us.”



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