Gulu University refutes Shs12bn PAC’s query account

Ojok James Onono, the University’s Deputy Public Relations Officer

Gulu University has denied collecting Shs 12.080Bn in the Financial Year 2017/2018 as it been reported by Parliamentary Public Account Committee [PAC].

On March 5th the University Accounting officer, Asaph Adedua and members appeared before PAC and was tasked to account for Shs 12.080Bn Non Taxed Revenues collected in the FY2018/2019 following the report released by Auditor General.

The meeting was chaired by Hon PP Okin Ojara.

According to Ojok James Onono, the University’s Deputy Public Relations Officer, there was misinformation in the news on most publications because the query is for FY2018/2019 and not 2017/2018 as most news outlet carried it.

Victoria University

“There was error in the FY year on news being queried. The money in query is for FY 2018/2019 not FY 2017/2018.”

Onono told Journalists in Gulu adding; “And secondly there was also system error with Ministry of Finance and the University is working out to correct it.”

Onono noted in the FY 2018/2019 Gulu University only planned Shs8.5Bn but collected only Shs 8.7BN Non and not Shs. 12.080BN as being reported due to system error with Ministry of Finance.

The money is a Tax Revenue from students, bid documents and sales of disposals.

However, according to the University, the excess Shs2Bn was generated from graduates who default tuition fees before financial year 2018/2019.

“We planned for Shs 8.5Bn but we managed to collected Shs 8.7Bn for the FY 2018/2019 and we like to admit that the 12.080bn is due to system error but our accounting officer is working on journal vouchers to rectify the error within Ministry of Finance,” he continues.

The PAC members were concerned that even the Shs8.5Bn is not reflected in the Auditor General’s report because the University only managed to account for Shs7Bn.

The Vice Chairman of PAC who also doubled as MP for Chua East Ojara, tasked Asaph Adedua consult with Auditor General and provide them with evidence and should the University failed, they will be forced to refund Shs4Bn.

Gulu University has until April 15th to provide clear accountability of the missing funds.

“Even if the entire Gulu University students pay their tuition now, we can’t hit Shs12bn,” Onono added.



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