Police battles Besigye & arrests Oguttu, mayor in Bugiri

Besigye in Bugiri

Former Leader of Opposition Wafula Oguttu was Tuesday arrested in a confrontation between police and Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] supporters in Bugiri town.

Oguttu was in Bugiri district to visit of People’s Government President Kizza Besigye.

Besigye addressing supporters

Himself a Minister for Presidency in People’s Government, Oguttu was grabbed by police and whisked away.

Bugiri Municipality Mayor Luba was picked from FDC offices and also detained.

Victoria University

Besigye’s aide, Ronald Muhinda, said fired bullets and teargas at FDC supporters who were waiting for the opposition figure to address them.

“It’s been going on much of the day since Kizza Besigye arrived in Bugiri unannounced,” Muhinda noted.

“Those firing teargas are affected too by the toxic smoke from the teargas grenades,” he added.  

He said surrounded by police pickup trucks, a yellow breakdown was called in to tow Besigye’s vehicle.

“On learning that he was going to tow Besigye’s vehicle, the breakdown driver drove away his tow truck.”

He added: “Do what you can, from wherever you are, within your means. That is what Besigye calls tubalemese.”

Police had hooked a chain on Besigye’s vehicle but was forced to remove it as people demanded the release of mayor Luba and Oguttu.



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