Tamale Mirundi unleashes cool Shs300m Pajero

Tamale Mirundi's ride

Presidential advisor on media matters Tuesday morning drove into NBS TV premises cruising a brand new black Mitsubishi Pajero Reg No. UG008C.

Donning a cool suit, Mirundi who had come for his weekly show on NBS television, showed the vehicle to his moderator, Kazibwe Bashir.

He said it was a gift from President Museveni who he served both as press secretary and now presidential advisor on media matters.

Museveni drives into NBS TV premises

The vehicle is believed to be worth Shs300m.

Victoria University

 “I worked for a lot for him. I am a good friend of the President. This was like a replacement because my car was too old,” Mirundi told Kazibwe.

Mirundi still has a valid working contract with State House.

Tamale Mirundi with moderator Kazibwe Bashir at his new car

Mirundi was President Museveni’s press secretary for 12 years before he let go in 2012.

He was replaced by his long time deputy Lindah Nabusayi, also a former journalist with Daily Monitor and The Weekly Observer.



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