Museveni, Kagame told to borrow leaf from Kiir & Machar


Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] has congratulated South Sudan upon the formation and swearing-in of a unity government.

This is what should have happened at the beginning, said party spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda on Monday.

“We hope the peace deal signed by the warring factions is this time real and will stick.”

“We urge the region to play a constructive role and not to seek to patronize the new government as it has happened before.”

Victoria University

Nganda told President Museveni and Paul Kagame should borrow a leaf.

“In fact the conflict between President Paul Kagame and Mr. Museveni should be easier to solve because here, we are talking about two countries,” he said.

The two leaders were expected to solve their differences last Friday but instead only managed to sign a prisoner extradition treaty.

Uganda was given a month to verify claims of Rwandan dissidents operating on Uganda soil after which another summit will be called to reopen the border.

Speaking in Kabale, Museveni said the closure of the border resulted from internal conflicts within the Rwandan ruling RPF leading to the exile of members in South Africa.

Museveni promised to release Rwandans arrested for lighter crimes but not those charged with rape and murder.



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