Comedians Muhangi, Salvado catch up amid beef gossip

Alex Muhangi and Patrick Salvado

Two powerful comedians Patrick Idringi Salvado and Alex Muhangi last week linked up once more amid reports of a strong beef.

The pair was seen posing for pictures and visibly enjoying the moment.

The catch up took place Thursday at Muhangi’s Comedy Store afterparty, crossing gossip that the two don’t see eye to eye.

“2 westerners cooking something big … Ani awakana … blood is thicker than tabloids 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Alex Muhangi Kasukali clear,” Salvado wrote on his social media.

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His fan Bakashaba Van Clive Martin was not convinced and went: “But you said it yourself that you won’t lie, there’s beef between you and Muhangi. Now why blame the tabloids? You are slowly building a reputation of someone who doesn’t mean what they say.”

Salvado replied: “Bakashaba I’ll keep confusing you until you start minding your business.”

What tabloids say?

According to reports, the truth is the two powerful comedians aren’t the buddies they once were.

Not that they don’t greet each other when they meet.

Reports say Salvado’s camp at “Just Comedy” do not want to play ball with Comedy Store even after they are given a platform.

Yet, occasionally, Muhangi and Salvado sober up and look at the bigger picture.

Last Thursday might have been one of those moments.

In August 2019, Muhangi refuted allegations that he was bitter with fellow artiste Salvado after he initiated a weekly comedy night dubbed ‘Just Comedy’ that happens every Wednesday at Kingdom Kampala.

Many took this as being rival to Muhangi’s Comedy Store that has been running for about 4 years now.

“We are friends. He actually consulted me on what he should do to have a successful show. There is nothing like beef. Every one of us is working hard to take the Comedy industry a notch higher,” Muhangi said during an interview.

Two months later in October 2019, Salvado admitted that things have not been well with his long-time best friend Muhangi for the last 10 years.

In a birthday message on his Instagram account, Salvado expressed regret over their fall out and hoped that they would one day reconcile.

“10 years of hard work to be where we are, but all we can show now is bad blood between us, but this has been a tradition for me coz you are a brother and brothers do fight but eventually reconcile, one day we shall reconcile.”

He added: “You are an amazing soul and all I want to wish you today on this big day is nothing but God’s blessings… Happy birthday @alexmuhangi… May God shower you with blessings all night all day till the end of time.”



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