LDU soldier chokes as military teargases Besigye

LDU soldier chokes on teargas

The military, regular police and Local Defence Unit [LDU] personnel Monday deployed heavily in Njeru municipality Buikwe district to cut off opposition figure Kizza Besigye.

According to Besigye’s aide Ronald Muhinda, the teargas started in Mbiko where FDC supporters were waiting for Besigye.


He said the supporters fought back against security forces for allegedly invading their activities.

When Besigye arrived in Njeru town, supporters surged in the roads to welcome him.

Victoria University

Police and the army then fired bullets and teargas to disperse them.

“The teargas has also affected those firing it,” Muhinda noted.

He then shared pictures showing an LDU soldier using his cap to block his nose and shield himself from the tear-evoking, skin irritating and itching chemical.  

Amid the teargas, security surrounded a vehicle Besigye was travelling in while his official car UAN 661V was impounded near Ssezibwe bridge East of Kampala.

The vehicle is now parked at Kayunga Police Station.

In Njeru, RDC Jane Frances Kagayi was called in and she looked at what was happening and later drove away.

RDC Kagayi

She could not handle, said Muhinda.

He said police then got stuck with Besigye awaiting orders from above.

“The Police commanders on the ground have been overheard saying “we are helpless. Once the emperor (don’t know whom Police calls emperor) is around, orders to handle him come from above.)”

Breakdowns refuse to tow the car

Muhinda said all breakdowns in Jinja have refused to tow away vehicle in which Besigye travelled with to Njeru.

Police brought in a tractor and when the tractor driver learnt that it’s the vehicle carrying Besigye he was to tow, he drove away.

“People fight in their own small ways,” Muhinda added.



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