Ugandan girl raped by Chinese seeks child support

Justine and her baby

Justine was raped by a man who was working for the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) that was contracted to build the Entebbe express highway in Uganda.

“The incident happened in March 2013 when I got a contract,” she told Washington DC based Ugandan journalist, Owen Kibenge.

Justine had worked for only two months when the Chinese worker locked her in a room.

“When I tried to struggle with him, he slapped me. I bit his arm but he overpowered me and raped me.”

Victoria University

She was nicknamed ‘Mama Mu-China’—the mother of a Chinese child after she gave birth to a baby boy.

When she reported the crime to the Uganda Police, the cops said that she was above the age of consent (19) so they could not do anything about it.

When China Communications Construction Company got wind of the case, they flew the suspect back home.

After this interview, Justine pleaded with Kibenge to help find Mr. Hu—the father of the child because she needs help raising the kid.



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