Nganda questions Janet in parliament

Janet explaining the curriculum

Hon. Janet Kataaha (Minister of Education and Sports) Thursday presented a Statement on the floor of Parliament regarding the continued roll-out of the lower secondary school curriculum contrary to the Parliamentary resolution of Tuesday 4th February 2020 that halted its rollout pending further consultation and preparation of key stakeholders.

The Minister says that the new curriculum intends to: promote effective learning and acquisition of skill, reduce subject and content overload, allow flexibility to absorb emerging fields of knowledge and address the 21st-century skills required in the world of work.

She has further revealed that the Subjects like Kiswahili, Physical Education, Religious Education (C.R.E/I.R.E) and Entrepreneurship Education are now compulsory at Senior 1 and 2 only.

She has highlighted that all these are reflected on the learner’s record card throughout the term and ultimately the end of the year.

Victoria University

These scores will constitute 20% of the learners’ total score at the end of the cycle.

The marks will be captured throughout the 4 years averaged and computed into a score for each individual learner.

Thereafter, the results will be submitted to Uganda National Examinations Board [UNEB] for the overall grading of the learner summative assessment of UNEB will be administered at the end of Senior 4 and it will constitute 80%.

After the presentation, Opposition Chief Whip Hon. Ssemuju Nganda said the Minister of Education failed to satisfactorily explain why the Ministry did not implement the resolution of Parliament which suspended the proposed curriculum.

The Shadow Education Minister, Hon. Mathias Mpuuga said that the statement did not highlight the specifics and why the new curriculum was being rolled out.

Janet in parliament

“Education is a big issue that requires the consensus of those concerned, in this case Parliament as a stakeholder. The government needs to interact with us extensively so that the roll out is well executed,” he said.

Mpuuga stressed the need for a pilot project before the roll out to enable a smooth implementation of the new curriculum.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga said that the minister’s statement was a clarification to Hon. Michael Mawanda who had raised the concern in the House. She added that a seminar will be held between the ministry and the MPs for further updates on the roll out.

 The Prime Minister, Hon Ruhakana Rugunda said that the cabinet advised the Minister of Education to carry on with the roll out based on her assurance that the Ministry was ready for the programme.



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