House raid: MP takes cover, lies low like envelope

Sheema North MP Naome Kibaaju takes cover after the strangers stormed Parliament.

When commotion broke out in parliament on Wednesday, several MPs handled it in different ways but the most unique one was what a female MP chose to do.

The incident happened around 4:15pm when two suspicious people jumped from the visitors’ gallery and broke into the chambers during plenary.

The attack

The first one jumped off from the visitors’ gallery to the side of the entrance of the MPs on the ruling side.

Victoria University

The second man then jumped over as the House went into panic, with some MPs screaming for help.

“You cannot be here discussing corruption,” one of the men, dressed in a blue shirt and a red cap, shouted.

Another was carrying a heap of leaflets that fell to the floor. That attackers identified themselves as Charles Mutasa Kafeero and Senjako Dafala.

Panic button

MPs including ministers rose to their feet to find out what had happened.

They had just heard a loud bang, bringing down florescent tubes that provide light to the chambers.

Parliament staff donned in white attire swung into action and moved forward to protect the Speaker, who remained seated.

Security put to the test

At that moment, the police officers, who sit in the gallery rushed down stairs to arrest the two men that were being fought by the MPs.

The staff were assisted by MPs among them State Minister for Sports Denis Hamson Obua, Simon Oyet (Nwoya) and Brig Flavia Byekwaso (UPDF), who muscled the men as they kept shouting.

The chaos in parliament

Kibaaju takes cover

At this moment, Naome Kibaaju (Sheema North) fell off her seat.

In the heat of the moment, she first lay low on the floor like an envelope.

When the chaos eased, she was assisted by fellow MPs to get to her feet.

She later wobbled out of the chambers, dangerously shaken.


Police has said it is slapping the intruders with three counts of criminal trespass, malicious damage and interrupting House business.

They are still in custody and police have already recorded their statements.

One is detained at Jinja road police station and the other at Central Police Station.

In her Communication, Speaker Kadaga assured MPs that despite the absurd incident, their security is guaranteed.

Credit: Daily Monitor



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