Gash files defence: Samantha wanted sex, seduced me with breasts


Deputy Solicitor General Christopher Gashirabake has filed his defence in a case where State Attorney Samantha Mwesigye accuses him of sexual harassment.

Mwesigye filed the case on December 19, 2019 contending that Gash sexually harassed her during her time at the justice ministry.

The State Attorney further claimed that Gashirabake often sent her messages of sexual nature that were unwelcome to her.

When she resisted his advances, Gashirabake reportedly verbally abused, humiliated and terminated her employment.

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A committee instituted by the Justice ministry cleared Gashirabake of any wrongdoing in the matter prompting Mwesigye to take legal action.

In his defence filed at High Court in Kampala, Gashirabake accuses Mwesigye of sexually harassing him by her provocative dressing to the point of asking him for sex.

His lawyers of Mutabingwa & Co. Advocates claim Mwesigye often seduced their client by wearing skimpy clothes that exposed her breasts.


They claim that at one time, Gashirabake protested to the complainant when she came to the office dressed provocatively and seductively with her breasts almost uncovered.

“The complainant kept nagging the 2nd respondent but was not interested in the complainant,” the Gashirabake’s lawyers wrote.

They went on: “Having failed to achieve her objective, the complainant started making malicious allegations that the 2nd respondent was sexually harassing her, which is not true.”

The lawyers further claim that their client (Gashirabake) is the one who was persistently nagged by Mwesigye who kept demanding for sex from him although he was not interested.

Mwesigye wants court to make Gashirabake apologise, reinstate her to her job at the ministry and pay compensation in form of damages.



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