Border still closed: Uganda to first verify rebel claims

President Kagame

The 4th Quadripartite Summit between Heads of State and Government of the Republic of Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Uganda and the Republic of Rwanda has ended at Gatuna-Katuna border.

In its final communiqué, the summit gave Uganda one month within which to verify the allegations of anti-Rwanda elements taking action from its territory.

“If these allegations are proved, the Ugandan government will take measures to stop it and prevent it from happening again,” reads the joint statement.

This action must be verified and confirmed by the Ad-Hoc Ministerial Commission for the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding of Luanda.

Victoria University

“Once the recommendation is fulfilled and reported to the Heads of States, the facilitators will convene within 15 days a summit in Gatuna/Katuna, for the solemn reopening of the borders and subsequent normalisation of the relations between the two countries.


Uganda has already withdrawn a passport given to Charlotte Mukankusi who is attached to Rwanda National Congress [RNC] rebels.

Uganda also deported two suspects Seleman Kabayija and Fidèle Nzabonimpa, who are accused of being part of the deadly attack by RUD-Urunana militia on Kinigi, Musanze District on the night of October 3-4, 2019.

The duo—along with two others, Eric Muganeza and ‘Captain’ Nshimiye a.k.a Gavana, who led the attack on Kinigi—allegedly withdrew to Uganda after Rwanda’s security forces neutralized the assailants, killing 19 of them and capturing five others.

Kagame and Lourenco

Rwanda was also anticipating the verification by Uganda of the presence of RUD-Urunana terrorist suspects who were involved in the October 2019 Kinigi attacks.

Rwanda has also demanded the arrest and deportation of both Mr. Nshimiye and Mr. Mugiraneza so they can stand trial for their actions.

Among the concerns, Rwanda expected reactions to the verification of operations and fundraising activities of Prossy Bonabaana, Sula Nuwamanya, Dr. Rukundo Rugali, Emerithe Gahongayire, and Emmanuel Mutarambirwa.

The aforementioned individuals are said to be part of the RNC leadership through an NGO called Self-Worth Initiative.



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