Another cop gets drunk, collapses in full uniform

The drunk cop

Another police officer has been filmed dead drunk in broad day light, days after the force charged one of its own for discreditable conduct.

The officer who hails from western Uganda as per his recorded language was only identified as Ashaba.

He is seen lying on the side of a small village footpath.

“Why don’t you carry me? Carry me,” he entreats his colleague.  

Victoria University

The colleague is heard saying “stand, stand up”.

He grabs the drunken cops’ belt and tries to pull him up but fails and lets go.

The subject of the story falls down again in the middle of the footpath.

“Take my hand, take my hand,” he begs as a woman off-screen cheers and jeers.

The officer finally manages to get to his feet and wobbles off to the nearest shops.

Days ago, Police in Busoga East charged ASP Masinde Yaser Okot the Regional ICT Maintenance Officer, with discreditable conduct.

The officer has a medical condition of diabetes and last week, his photos went viral, after he was found unresponsive in his compound at Muwayo village, Bugiri district.

He was also recorded in another video on Christmas Eve, in uniform while drunk and dancing with two bottles of beer in his hands.



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