Activist Sheena arrested, twitter erupts

Sheena Bageine

Activist Sheena Bageine has been arrested for cyber bullying, cyber harassment and defamation.

Bageine who goes by @sheena_sheenzy on twitter was arrested Thursday and detained at Central Police Station [CPS] in Kampala.

Her detention follows a social media frenzy that opened 2020 last month with rape allegations made against several men across town.

It started with former Big Brother Africa housemate, Radio Presenter and TV star Denzel Mwiyeretsi who was accused of drugging female workmates and other girls before having forced sex with them.

Victoria University

Building on the hullabaloo, Sheena started a Twitter campaign to name and shame her supposed rapists

One of the targets Carlton Douglas Kasirye decided to take legal action against her at the close of January.

His lawyers of Simon Tendo Kabenge Advocates (STEK Advocates) issued a letter of intention to sue which demanded a compensation fee of Shs2bn and a public apology.


The January 13 letter also asked Sheena to remove from publication and the defamatory threads complained of to prevent further damage, produce an apology and declaration that the allegations were false.

Instead, Sheena told Kasirye to go ahead and sure her.

“The contents and demands contained in your letter are noted. You may proceed to act at your convenience,” her lawyers of Pace advocates wrote in a letter dated January 14th.

It added: “Needless to state, we are prepared to put up a robust and vigorous defence for our client’s previous, present and future actions as and when required.”

On arrest, Sheena was charged with cyber harassment and denied a police bond.

Twitter erupts

A hashtag “FreeSheena is currently trending on twitter as activists, friends and family members demand the release of the activist.

Activist Rosebell Kagumire argues that young Ugandan women are using these platforms to face society in ways it hasn’t seen.

To her, institutions like police are complicit, from intimidation of rape victims to now arrests because the rapists have the system and this fight to free women is enormous.

The activist being rape allegations

“When we were here calling for measures to ensure women are heard and protected from rape, no single party came out! So on top of fighting a dictatorship women everywhere must fight for their safety right from home to the street! We are not free! #Metoouganda #freesheena We free one, patriarchy is coming for another!” she tweeted Friday.

“@sheena_sheenzy was instrumental in getting young women to come out in numbers to name and shame the rapists early January. Uganda police is holding her on cyber harassment and stalking charges.”

“Without the voices of few like @sheena_sheenzy who break societal enforced silencing on women victims of rape, we are surrendering our children to rapists! We have to protect women’s freedom to speak about their experiences from the violent sexist system.”

She said rape and violence against women is where this male solidarity is tested, when women reclaim their voice and name and shame abusers, many are surprised that they indeed are not stranger monsters they want to imagine.

 “The dictatorship distributes it’s crumbs of power down to the misogynistic police where a woman can be threatened for reporting rape! We been following these cases which increased since early Jan when @sheena_sheenzy & other young women broke the silence.”

She concluded: “A woman’s body, is where the dictatorship meets patriarchy to violate and silence in the worst ways possible. Under a dictatorship our bodies are literally the battlefield everyday!”

According to Kagumire, the use of Computer misuse act to silence is not an act only Museveni engages in with only target as a Stella Nyanzi, it is being used to silence women using online to name and shame rapists.



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