Pallaso beaten, cut with machetes in S.Africa xenophobia

Pallaso admitted

Ugandan singer Pius Mayanja known by his stage name Pallaso is currently hospitalised after being attacked by a xenophobic mob in South Africa.

His brother Jose Chameleone said Pallaso was shooting a music video in Johannesburg.

“Just talked to Pallaso he’s in danger after Attacks as he was shooting a video in South Africa. We must condemn such violent acts into our people. We are all Africans,” Chameleone said on Wednesday night.  

He was beaten and cut with machetes

He hid in a garage of a school called Turfontain.

Victoria University

People with machetes were striking when Pallaso drove past with his friend.

“I was with my friend. They hit the car. I opened the door and run away. I tried to enter another school. My friend drove away and left me alone. They beat them and cut me with machetes.”

He narrated while hiding a garage: “I feel down and managed to get away. While running away to cross the road, I was hit by a car and fell on top of its bonnet. I tried to open the door but the car window was locked. The driver got scared and drove away too.”

Pallaso was later rescued by fellow Ugandans in South Africa and taken to hospital where he is getting medication.

“Thank y’all our Fans Worldwide for the concern and prayers 🙏🙏🙏 We would like to inform you that our artist PALLASO has been located and rescued and at the Hospital however his condition is still very bad keep him in your prayers,” his social media administrator said.

The message added: “A Big Thank Mc Norman for the support and to the South African High Commission for also following up on this.”



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