MPs reject public holidays bill

Hon Suubi labouring to convince MPs

Parliament has rejected a motion by Hon Suubi Kyinyamatama (Rakai District) to introduce a private member’s Bill entitled “the Public Holidays (Amendment) Bill, 2020.

The object of the bill is to ensure continued recognition and honour of public holidays that fall on weekends to be observed on working days to avoid interfering with rest days and weekends.

According to her, the public holidays interfere with weddings which are already fixed for weekends.

Hon Suubi explains some more

To her it doesn’t make sense putting a public holiday on a weekend which is supposed to be for resting.

Victoria University

“Some public holidays fall on Saturday or Sunday which is already designated days of rests, such public holidays may not be given their desired recognition, honour and visibility, while some may go unnoticed,” Kyinyamatama said.

She said in order to ensure a continued recognition and visibility, it is necessary to have public holidays that fall on a weekend be observed on a working day to stop them from interfering with other activities like prayers, marriage celebrations.

In her spirited submission which failed to convince other lawmakers, Hon Suubi believes her bill will build a strong sense of nationalism, togetherness and also accord citizens an opportunity to rest.

She cited an example of Archbishop Janani Luwum Memorial Day which fell on a Sunday and the NRM Liberation Day 2020 as well as upcoming International Women’s Day which will also be on Sunday.

Legislators unanimously voted to reject her motion.



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