MPs fail to raise Tumwine censure signatures

Gen Tumwine with Mwesigwa Rukutana

A motion to censure Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwine over allegations of misconduct has collapsed after MPs failed to raise the required signatures.

NTV reports that only 39 MPs signed the motion out of the 150 required for the censure process to move to the next stage.

The mover of the motion, Kasambya County MP, Gaffa Mbwatekamwa, has already written to speaker Rebecca Kadaga notifying her of his intention to withdraw the motion.

“Having realised…to be honest with you…even if you give us more five days or a month, we cannot even get the required signatures,” Mbwa told NTV.

Victoria University

“The so-called prominent people you think are very concerned, they are not there,” he said in disappointment.

MP Mbwatekamwa

Nathan Itungo of Kashari South says the motion was too harsh. He recommended the disciplinary committee.

James Waluswaka of Butaleja West says Tumwine is not a bad man although he talks arrogantly.

Tumwine is accused of frustrating investigations into torture of Ugandans and also blocking Members of Parliament in the Human Rights Committee for doing their work.

The house amended the human rights committee report to include closing all safe houses in the country and initiating a censure motion against Tumwine.



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