Come back home bro, Chameleone calls Pallaso

He was beaten and cut with machetes

Leone Island singing doctor Jose Chameleone has entreated his young brother Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso to return home after escaping a near-death ordeal in South Africa.

Pallaso was attacked by a xenophobic mob in Johannesburg Wednesday while shooting a music video.

“Thanks Uganda worldwide most especially the South African Ugandan community!! @McPallaso was rescued at all odds!!!” Chameleone said.

“If we can move in unity same way always we shall be free!!! Let’s always watch out for one another. Bro come home Now!!!!”

Victoria University

According to Chameleone, God took control as well as the South Africa Ugandan community that rescued his brother.

“All must be condemned we are all Africans. Come home Now!!!!”

He added: “God took control, He will always repair. Thanks all our Family, Friends, Fans, Everybody that reached out in time.”

Chameleone called upon Ugandans to condemn the act saying “we are all Africans and if we move in unity same way always we shall be free!!!”

“Let’s always watch out for one another. All evil has done God the Will repair.”

Pallaso was beaten and cut with machetes. He hid in a garage of a school called Turfontain.



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