Panic as strangers break into parliament


There was panic and commotion at parliament Wednesday afternoon after two strangers broke into the august house.

This happened during a plenary session as MPs debated the ministerial statement on the Land Information System International Conference scheduled for February 20-21, 2020.

Two strangers jumped into the chamber from the visitors’ gallery.

This distracted the proceedings of parliament but the sergeant at arms and his officers apprehended the two strangers and handed them over to the police

Victoria University

In the process of jumping into the chamber, there was breakage of a glass cover of one of the tube lightings

Proceedings resumed with the speaker directing the sergeant at arms to investigate the incident.

This is contrary to earlier reports that suggested gunshots.

“The noise head was a result of the breakage of the glass cover at one of the tube lightings,” said Ranny Ismail, Assistant Director Communications and Public Affairs of parliament.



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