Makerere polls: Kachabali joins Mitchell GRC race


Jimmy Kachabali, a second year law student at Makerere University, has become quite a sensation after announcing his bid for GRC at Mitchell hall.

Kachabali found himself quickly becoming a hit on social media, thanks to his unique name.

“I didn’t know the meaning of the name while coming to university. It was my friends who told me about it,” he explained.

Last year, he was the deputy disciplinary committee of the popular male hall of residence.

Victoria University

“Kachabali is my birth name. It was first given to my grandfather, Kachabali Wilson, who was also a Mitchell Hall resident and culture minister back in 1945.”

The old timer was a ladies’ man who sampled most of the girls in the female halls of residence. Key among them were ladies from Complex hall.

“As the story goes, my grandfather never entered…let me use the real words…he never penetrated [sexual intercourse].”

Having concluded that girls from Complex hall were the sweetest, Kachabali renamed the hall “wetland”.

That is how Kacha John Wilson was baptised Kachabali Wilson by his Mitchell Hall colleagues.

“The meaning of my name, first of all it’s my late grandfather’s name, obviously it’s so funny and I will try to explain it the way I know. I was named Kachabali many years ago, I think its my birth name but when I came to Makerere University I really did not know what it means.” Kachabali said.

Kachabali junior says he is proud of his name although he is officially registered as Kacha Jimmy.



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