Mao has no DNA for democracy, says Lukwago

Mao and Lukwago

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has described Democratic Party President Norbert Mao as a two-faced person who has no shred of DNA for democracy.

“Because Mao came by a coup, he leads and wants to retain power by a coup,” Lukwago said Tuesday morning while appearing on NTV.

 He said that is why Mao has been sacking people supposed to organise elections since 2011.

“My perception is very clear, that President Mao must be in bed with President Kaguta Museveni.”

Victoria University

He added: “Mao is such a good person, very charming leader but with no DNA of democracy, he is a person who has two faces, if you brought him here, you would see an accomplished leader but behind the scenes, he does the contrary.”

According to Lukwago, Mao was the most qualified at the time he assumed party leadership.

“I supported him with all my heart but I wanted him to go through the right procedure.”

Lukwago says he is  still a strong and vibrant member of DP and they have tried their best to solve these problems.

These issues have been there long enough only that now it has escalated and gone to the public domain, he noted.

On DP Vice President who is currently admitted in Nairobi after reportedly being stoned by errant youth at Mengo party offices, Lukwago said:

“MP Mukasa Mbidde wasn’t beaten by anyone, those were just crocodile tears and that was just a tip of the iceberg, a lot is happening and a lot is yet to happen.

DP wants Mao out

Appearing on TV recently, Mathias Mpuuga, MP Masaka Municipality said DP is a party out to get power.

He said there is no political party called People Power actually on formal DP fora, “we have had people power activists within them”.

He said that pressure group (People Power) is actually a baby of the Democratic Party, is extremely comfortable working with them.

Patrick Kamara: Are you interested in the DP party presidency?

Mathias Mpuuga: At some stage not now, I’m willing to support anyone who can give the party a programme to take power. If comrade Mao wins a free and fair party election, he has my support.

But if he tries to win a stolen election, I will oppose him the day he will be declared. Mao is a gentleman, a good guy but leading a party is more than that. Time has come when the quest to move the party forward requires more than nicety.

Museveni factor?

The party even reported it had agreed to end the wrangles between some of its members and Mao during a meeting that was held at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel in Kampala between.

“It’s absurd that those who are leading the DP party are not in position to hold the centre firmly and I know very many people have got the anger,” said Dr Lulume Bayiga, Former MP, Buikwe South.

He said President Museveni promised he was going to lead for 4 years, then he came back another 5 years, then removed term limits then now removed age limit, noting that people are angered because of that kind of foolery.

He said Mao has been at the helm of the DP, he is an Acholi from Gulu.

“Why do you people continue to call it (DP) a Ganda-centric party? Nobody has ever called UPC a Lango-Centric party. Haters just want to make DP unattractive.”

He went on: “President Museveni is using 3 approaches, 1st is persuasion, if he fails to persuade you, he goes to the 2nd phase which is intimidation, the 3rd phase is bribery, he has large sums of money that are flowing from his hands to many members of our community.”

Bayiga who was appearing on “NTV On The Spot” programme said Museveni was right to say he’s going to finish off because that was the mission, he has employed the first two prongs of his approach and the approach about bribery has finished very many members in the community.



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