Sematimba: my village is Los Angeles, I brought Valentines to Uganda

MP Sematimba shares a kiss at the swearing in ceremony of MPs of the tenth parliament.

Busiro South lawmaker Hon. Peter Sematimba says he is the man who introduced Valentine’s Day celebration in Uganda.

He was speaking to NBS “Uncut” programme on Friday which also happened to be Valentine’s Day.

“First and foremost, when I brought this day I wanted to change the idea of loving parents on that day…I said no, this is a day for lovers, boyfriends and girlfriends,” he told NBS television.

When asked how he spent the day, Sematimba said his lover is in the village.

Victoria University

“She is Juliet Sematimba Nantongo. She is in the village in Los Angeles [California].”

When probed further on the matter, he explained: “When you talk about a village, mine is in L.A. Here in Uganda, I come to work. I’m on kyeyo.”

He went on: “Like people board a bus from Kampala to go to the village, I also board a bus to the village. Mine is called airbus 380.”

He added: “After making my money in Kampala, I then go for holidays and spend some time in China, Los Angeles and Dubai.”

Asked how he would celebrate with Nantongo who is in L.A, Sematimba explained:

“So ours will be on WhatsApp. She sent me gifts and I also sent her. She will hear the door bell ringing and then…chocolates, sweets and rose flowers will be delivered to her.”

At the start of February, a video made rounds on social media showing Sematimba making up during a plenary session at the parliament of Uganda.

The video attributed to Salt television shows Sematimba cutting his nails and applying lip balm, pschitt…pschitt while he chats with a colleague.

Famous for American accent, bleached skin and perm hair, the legislator who carries a bag full of beauty accessories, advises men to shower many times a day to keep a fair skin.

After his parliamentary seat was contested in 2016 general elections, Sematimba went back to school and was seen sitting for his exams last year.



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