FDC nominates its KCCA speakers, deputies

Party President Amuriat with the nominees

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) says it is concerned with continued efforts by President Museveni to undermine the elected Kampala City leaders especially His Lordship Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

Of particular concern to the FDC and the country is the rush by the new Kampala Minister Betty Amongi to implement provisions of amended Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Act yet it has emerged some clauses not passed by Parliament were smuggled into the law.

The party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat told press on Monday that in its wisdom, Parliament passed clause 14 (B) giving the executive chaired by the Lord Mayor Powers to prepare the KCCA budget and to present it to the Authority.

It has now emerged that the same powers are given to the executive director under Section 6A (c) which was smuggled into the KCCA (Amendment) Bill that Mr. Museveni assented to on November 28th, 2019.

Victoria University

“Parliament passed the amended law in August 2019. I think the intention is to maintain two conflicting centres of power at KCCA which Parliament wanted to avoid by clearly defining the roles of each party,” Amuriat told journalists at Najjanankumbi party headquarters.

The law, as approved by Parliament, creates a metropolitan Kampala City Police.

The Amendment assented to by Museveni create a Metropolitan Police to include Wakiso, Mpigi, and Mukono. Parliament never passed this. Section 26 which creates the City Police has now been changed to read Metropolitan, he explained.

A new section 18 has also been smuggled into the KCCA law which gives Kampala Minister Powers to plan for the metropolitan area.

Wakiso, Mpigi, and Mukono are governed by the Local Government Act and are under the minister of local government. The Kampala minister cannot extend her jurisdiction.

Apart from smuggling new sections into the law, the FDC is uncomfortable with the speed at which the amendments are implemented.

These amendments are changing the composition of the KCCA.

Fort example the four councillors representing workers and the elderly were elected before the amendments were made. We hear they were elected under the local government act.

The four councillors representing lawyers, medical doctors, engineers and architects are phased out in the new law.

These significant changes should have taken place at the commencement of the new authority in 2021.

Recently while ruling on mid-term elections, the Constitutional Court said elections are unconstitutional as they can significantly change the numerical set up of Parliament or a council.

That is what the election of new councillors is likely to do in the city and division councils.

This law should have been implemented after the 2021 elections.

FDC nominates speakers  

“But because its implementation has been forced onto us, the FDC after internal processes would like to present to you candidates who will vie for the speaker and deputy speaker in KCCA and divisions where we have a substantial number of councillors,” Amuriat said.

He said the candidates for the speakerships and deputies underwent internal processes.

“We urge all our councillors to rally behind these candidates. We will also be speaking to our other colleagues in the opposition to generate consensus in councils where we need to aggregate our numbers.”

Fully nominated councillors include; Nyanjura Doreen for Kcca Speaker and Sabuka Doreen for Kcca Deputy Speaker.

Others are; Nakitende Sharifah for Lubaga Division Speaker, Asiimwe Robert for Nakawa Division Deputy Speaker and Mpiima Henrty for Lubaga Division Deputy Speaker.

“We wish the nominees success in the subsequent elections. And when you go through as you will, be good representatives of our struggle. The offices you seek to occupy, are tools to further the struggle for freedom,” he concluded.



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