Burundi presidential candidate ‘extorts’ gifts from voters

Burundi ruling presidential candidate Evariste

By SOS Media Burundi

Residents and civil servants of Makamba province (south Burundi) have been forced to pay contributions to receive Évariste Ndayishimiye, the CNDD-FDD presidential candidate for the May 2020 elections.

SOS Media Burundi said the locals denounced what they describe as an “organised theft” by the ruling party to a poor population.

Leaders of the ruling CNDD-FDD requested money to give gifts to the Secretary General of the ruling party and presidential candidate for the May 2020 election.

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“Every chief of service, member of the CNDD-FDD should pay 60 000 bif and a civil servants 30 000 bif. Every head of the village in the district of Nyanza- Lac was ordered to collect a jerry can of 50 litres of palm oil. Nyanza-lac alone should collect 8 cows and 25 cans of palm oil in the only district of Nyanza-Lac”, the message said.

It added five other cows to be collected from other districts to make 13 cows to give to the candidate of the ruling party.

Residents who talked to SOS Médias Burundi denounced a “collection of gifts which worsens an already poor population”.

Some of them believe it was like “an organised theft”.

Évariste Ndayishimiye travelled to the villages of Buheka and Muyange in the district of Nyanza-Lac where he spent several days during the period of civil war.

Ndayishimiye was a rebel fighter in the CNDD-FDD Hutu rebel group against the then Tutsi dominated army.

Last week, Mr. Ndayishimiye was at the province of Bururi (south Burundi).

There, he was given 6 cows and several gifts made of food.

This prompted controversies as some asked the governor to give similar presents to all candidates.

In Burundi, it has become a habit to offer gifts to the high ranking authorities while visiting their provinces.



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