Average Ugandan eats 3.4kg of pork


The average Ugandan eats about 3.4kg of pork every year as per a 2011 report.

The statistic was quoted by piggery expert Christopher Mulindwa Sunday during the “Harvest Money Expo 2020” at Namboole stadium in Bweyogerere Wakiso district.

The third and final day of the Harvest Money Expo featured sessions by Hass Avocado – Musubi Farm, NARO and piggery by Dr. Emma Naluyima and Christopher Mulindwa.

Dr. Emma Naluyima said pig farming is profitable in a way that it is a self-sustaining ecosystem, with manure sales and meat sales as avenues for monetization.

Victoria University

Mulindwa, who is also a piggery expert in the afternoon session, said the average Ugandan eats about 3.4kg of pork per year as per a 2011 report – a statistic that has risen over the years.

Pork in Uganda is a delicacy for many especially the corporate and private business people.

Kikalayi; as it is commonly known is on people’s programmes every day, be it a work day or not someone somewhere is eating pork and loving it.

Research shows that Uganda is the number one pork consumer in Africa and second to only China in the whole world.

Dr.Emma Naluyima

In 2016, New Vision quoted Dr Ben Lukuyu, then Uganda country representative of the International Livestock Research Institute and an animal nutritionist, who said the per capita consumption of pork in Uganda is 3.5 kilogrammes, making Uganda the biggest consumer of pork in Africa and second to China globally.

He added that 1.1 million households keep pigs and 3.5 smallholder farmers directly depend on growing pigs, while millions others are employed in the value chain. 

Dr Lukuyu said that while the pigs sub-sector is growing by leaps and bounds, it is facing a number of challenges like high cost of feeds, poor quality and quantity of feeds; hence the need to explore usage of potato vines.

He said although the growing of pigs and demand for pork is huge and growing, performance of Ugandan pigs in terms of weight gain and growth is relatively poor yet the potential of feeds is high.

Christopher Mulindwa

In 2019, the World Animal Protection report on “Consumer Perceptions on Animal Welfare  and Food Safety across East Africa” said Uganda tops four nations in pork consumption, with figures standing at 65.4%, followed by Zambia (60.5%), Tanzania (59.6%) and Kenya trailed with (50.7%).

The study showed that most people don’t eat pork due to religious reasons, while others perceived the possible health risks associated with its consumption.

Uganda also led the pack in chicken consumption (95.4%) followed by Tanzania (93.5%), Zambia (93.2%) and Kenya (92.6.).

When it comes to goat meat, Uganda emerged the best here again ranking at 78.2%, followed by Kenya at 75.7%, Zambia with 71.6% and Tanzania at 67.7%.

Dr. Victor Yamo, the World Animal Protection Campaigns Manager –Animals in Farming, said Animal welfare is inextricably linked with animal health, and human health and welfare.



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