Rema abandons Evans on stage over Kenzo

An angry Rema stares at Chris Evans

Singing siren Rema Namakula on Friday night stormed off stage after her singing partner Chris Evans mentioned her former lover Eddy Kenzo.

The pair was performing their love ballad “Linda” during her Valentines Day concert at hotel Africana.

Chris Evans started singing how Eddy Kenzo used to tell Rema.

He totally went off script and started rubbing Kenzo’s name in her face, worse, in the presence of her new love Dr Hamza Sebunya.


Rema did not find it funny at all and not only asked him to leave the stage but she refused to sing the song with him.

She stopped singing and stood there glaring at him. She wasn’t amused at all.

She then walked up to him, took his arm and tried to lead him off stage.

Evans tried to apologise but it was too late. Tension.

The crowd watched with anticipation.

Rema considered and then walked off stage leaving Evans to complete the song. He was visibly embarrassed.



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