Photos: Rema re-defines love at Africana

The queen on her throne

Songbird Rema Namakula held her Valentine’s Day concert Friday night at Africana hotel in Kampala.

The show was graced by lovers and lovebirds including her personal love doctor Hamza Sebunya in a fully-packed hall.

“Thank you Allah…..Thank you Ladies and gentlemen…..I’m forever grateful,” she said after the show.

She added: “My glam team thank you….Fenon events you are ballistic….my dancers you nailed it….my band. My Fans you are amazing. May God bless you.”

Victoria University

Dr Hamza caused quite a stir when he surprised his wife amidst her performance of “Be With You” just to wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day.

He majestically walked on stage, waved at the audience and then hugged her.

She hugged him back and whispered sweet nothings in his ear.

A doctor and patient moment followed.

It was clear the Sebunyas never get enough of each other.

The couple then appreciated everyone who attended their concert.

The smooth-voiced Rema covered her fans in love ballads including the famous “Gutujja” which she performed alongside B2C Boys.

They were donning pink suits while Rema appeared in a dazzlingly black leather outfit.

She then showed up on stage in a glittery orange outfit hanging from a swing that made her look like a queen seated upon her throne.

She did songs like “Fire tonight”, “Deep in love”, “Sibalaba”, “Atuuse’ and “Oli Wange” which left lovers with teary eyes.

 “I was only seeing these things in movies, but now here I am experiencing them. Please let me enjoy every moment,” she confessed to her fans.

Rema capped up her brilliant show by presenting a gift to the Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga.

Rema gifts Kadaga


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