Men’s conference patron to sue Citizen TV

Mzee Kibor isnt happy at all

Mzee Jackson Kibor, the Patron of Men’s Conference 2020, has threatened to drag Citizen TV Kenya to courts of law for allegedly ruining his invention.

Kibor accuses the television station of allowing women to be part of a men-only conference and allegedly turning an educational meeting into a public relations [PR] stunt.

According to Kibor, many leaders have focused on empowering the girl child while neglecting the boy by assuming the boy is strong.

“As an old man former councillor for over 20 years I have chosen to empower men so that we have a strong society,” he noted.

Victoria University

As the patron of “Mens Conference 2020”, Kibor was to be part of the discussion but later snubbed it for being channelled away from its original intentions.

“However, Citizen TV made it a PR event with women and full of rejects. As your patron, Mzee Kibor I can’t be part of such shallow stunts. I stand for men of integrity.”

“I will sue them,” he threatened starting up a Twitter hashtag #CitizenShouldApologize.

During the Friday, February 14, 2020, conference held at the Sarova Stanley hotel in the capital Nairobi, women were seen sneaking into the conference which reportedly diminished the value of the event.

Mzee Kibor

Anita Raey, a radio presenter, in her defense, said that she was there because she supports men and because every man needs a woman.

Mkamburi Chigogo stated that her reason for being at the event was to know the secrets men keep.

Speaking on the matter, Mzee Jackson Kibor, the Patron of the conference, said he was shocked to find women part of the conference.

“I have with immediate effect declined to be part of it.”

Kibor also advised youth against running into politics when they can also farm the land and become rich.

“Dear Kenyan youths, I was a councillor for over 20 years & my success is not because I was a politician but as a farmer and reaped,” he explained.

He added: “The President Uhuru Kenyatta, Daniel arap Moi family, William Ruto and Raila Odinga are practising farmers. When you have a small piece of land, start farming, use technology and grow.”



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