Besigye: when will Museveni ever declare me winner?

Besigye in Ntungamo

Opposition figure Kizza Besigye says if Ugandans do not take it upon themselves to struggle for their rights, no one will do it for them.

He was Thursday addressing mourners in Itojo, Ntungamo at the send-off of Jova Kyomugisha Kafureeka, the mother to Ntungamo Municipality MP Hon Gerald Karuhanga.

“You people of Ntungamo you claim to be yellow (Movement) or Blue (FDC), when you get sick, do yellow patients find medicines in Itojo Hospital?” she asked.

Besigye pays last respects to late Jova

He clarified that the struggle is about injustice versus justice; the captives versus captors and the oppressors versus the oppressed.

Victoria University

“I hear Museveni’s Minister of Education [Janet] comes from Ntungamo. How many of you here (Itojo) can afford university fees (Shs6m) annually?”

Besigye said if President Museveni had studied during this time with his current education system, he wouldn’t have completed studies.

“He wouldn’t afford Shs6m to go to university. You people who claim to be NRM, can you afford the fees?”

He said by the they realised Jova had cancer, it was already on stage seven.

“Taking her to India was for scanning her not treating her because we don’t have such a scan. That is our problem. Open your eyes.”

“Ladies and gentleman, the problem we have is injustice. Our problem is not money. If you start treating cancer early enough, you can get the drugs.”

Besigye said locusts were announced early enough when they were still in Somali.

Now that they have reached Uganda, that’s when government is panicking and sending two ministers to Nairobi to hire a plane for fighting locusts.

“We have to fight for ourselves. You are saying Besigye fight for us but how many hands do I have?”

“He [Museveni] is the one who gives you a ballot paper and even counts it and declares the winner. When will he ever declare me the winner? That is why I declared myself. Who else will declare me?”

He said now the election time is coming, and they have already started distributing money “but for us, we want to change this country even before that election to give power back to the people”.

Besigye was joined by FDC President Patrick Oboi Amuriat, MPs and several other leaders.

Jova 56, who succumbed to Cancer in Germany, was laid to rest by many people, a testament to her goodness, generosity, kindness and love.



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