Men’s conference: men endangered species, limit junk foods & exercise

Patron Mzee Kibor presenting

The 2020 Men’s Conference is underway in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi with men sharing ideas on how to go about relationships and marriages.

The Patron of the conference Mzee Jackson Kibor was first booked in for the morning flight to a sumptuous breakfast courtesy of Citizen TV having spoken to his old friend Chairman Macharia.

“What Kibor can see from his farm, a young man on Kenyatta International Conference Centre [KICC] can’t see. We have to provide direction to our men,” he said.  

In his capacity as the Patron of Men’s conference, Kibor appointed Eric Amerix [@amerix] as the boy child healthy eating ambassador.

Victoria University

Eric is a Mandela Washington Fellow who specialises in Men’s Health and Lifestyle Medicine.

“For all your diet plans and advisory, follow him [Eric] and you will live long. He is part of our daily support team. Kudos sir,” Kibor told other men.

Stating how his children and friends called him for trending on twitter, Kibor called upon all Kenyans to join efforts and “grow, nurture and support men to grow our country”.

“As an old man, I shall walk with all young men to ensure they grow to success and follow my footsteps. Farming is a key thing I will insist.”

“Youths have been questioning me on how I have managed to go through polygamy, divorce & marriage all through while remaining stable & strong.”

Stop junk foods

Mzee Kibor said the secret is in eating natural foods from the farm and doing exercises.

He urged youths to limit junkie foods since they can’t stop eating them.

Junk food is unhealthful food that is high in calories from sugar or fat, with little dietary fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, or other important forms of nutritional value.

They include; salted snack foods, gum, candy, sweet desserts, fried fast food, and sugary carbonated beverages and sometimes hamburgers, pizza, and tacos.

“As an old man with experience and more energy, I believe my story/ advice will inspire the new generation of Men to become better. I have gone through life & come out strong.”

He went on: “Listen to Mzee Kibor and be inspired. I have dedicated my life to nurture men through Men’s Conference.”

Mzee Jackson Kibor is a boy child defender, husband to many wives, father of many and men, farmer, business man, leader and advisor of polygamy, life skills and healthy eating.

Participants speak

Ben Githae: I am not running away from my wife, I am ready to face her and explain to her, but for today she is aware I am at the Men’s Conference.

Pastor Kuria: Men are these days endangered species, we have nowhere to go to talk about our issues. The conference is the best way to gossip women.

Motivational Speaker Robert Burale: Men think showing vulnerability is a sign of weakness but we need spaces that remind men that they are not alone.

Inspirational Speaker Dr. Wale Akinyemi: Two things that mess up the man is money & a woman. If the woman angle is sorted out, even if you have money problems, you are likely to come back but if you have money & woman problems it’s over.

Men cannot claim equality when it comes to paying bills then claim superiority in other things. There’s a problem with that equation, if you are going to be the boss, be the boss everywhere.

It is undue pressure to place your wife on a pedestal to be like your mother. We need to create societies & platforms where the older generation of men impact the younger.

When a younger person is starting out on their journey and face a challenge, they believe there’s a problem with them. More and more men need to have open discussions to help address their issues in a bid to help one another.

PR and Communications Expert Ahmed Asmali: In my community we say marriage is like the teeth & the tongue; sometimes they bite each other, not knowing how it happened. Marriage is about compromise.

Radio Presenter Mkalla Mwabodze: Women were brought to be our help mates not lead us, this conference is very important to help us navigate & continue to ensure we stay the leaders of our homes.



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