Tshisekedi inspects Kinshasa university student homes

President Tshisekedi

Congo President Felix Tshisekedi Thursday decided to visit and inspect student homes in the capital Kinshasa.

The Head of State who was escorted by the minister of Higher Education visited University of Kinshasa [UNIKIN] student homes which are being rehabilitated.

Then he inspected the grade separations at the University of Kinshasa.

He was welcomed by the management committee of UNIKIN.

Victoria University

The person in charge of the works met with the Head of State under the attentive gaze of the Minister of Higher Education.

 The Head of State also inspected the grade separation on the way to the airport. He listened to the explanations of the site manager.

Prisoners petition

Earlier, thirty former political prisoners asked the President to improve the living conditions of detainees throughout the DRC.

They formulated this request in a letter addressed Wednesday, February 12 to the Head of State, according to Radio Okapi.

These former prisoners claim to have witnessed the unbearable suffering endured by detainees in Congolese prisons where most of them have never seen a judge.

“The situation is catastrophic and chaotic, so much so that the people who live there are bound to die soon. In fact, we are recording deaths across the country. There is overcrowding in prisons is observed across the country, ” said one of them, Jacques Isongo, activist of the citizen movement Struggle for Change (LUCHA).

He recalls that the prisoner “is not a demon, he also has rights.”

“We have found that the majority of prisoners are in prison houses for very mild cases, such as telephone thefts, pregnancy cases,” Jacques Isongo told Okapi.



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