It’s great to be free from music label- Rudeboy

Rudeboy addressing press

Nigerian singer Paul Okoye aka Rudeboy alias King Rudy has promised Ugandans a thrilling performance come Friday Valentines Day at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Tickets for the show are already out at Mestil hotel and others will be sold on the venue for Shs25,000 ordinary; Shs50,000 VIP and Shs1,000,000 for a table.

Addressing press at Mestil hotel in Nsambya, Rudeboy said he will be singing back to back songs for a whole two hours.

“I am performing both my old and new songs. I will perform even those that I did in that duo [P-Square] but most important I am also performing those I have done alone,” he explained.

Victoria University

Q & A session

Qn: What exactly separated you with your twin brother Peter Okoye aka Mr P. Media reports called it a disagreement about role of manager. What is the truth?

Rudeboy: There are questions that I want to hear and those that I don’t want to hear.I have said it before, I will not speak on that matter. I would end up divulging family matters in public. I respect my family. What happened, happened and even if I tell you now, it won’t change anything. For now, I came to Kampala to perform, you can direct your questions on this.

Question: In 2011, P-Square signed a record deal with Akon’s Konvict Muzik label and in 2012, you signed a record distribution deal with Universal Music. Don’t you feel you sold better as P-Square than two individuals now?

Rudeboy: Now this is the kind of question I love to hear. Well, I think there is no better thing than an artist being independent, free from any label. Don’t think all is well with artists working under big labels. First of all, those labels only want the big stars and do not care to nurture upcoming and struggling artists.

There are a lot of rules in them which I wouldn’t advise any one to dream of signing, rather be independent and make discussions on your own.

With Akon, yes, he said we signed a deal but what kind of singing? It wasn’t like you sign a paper. It’s the “scratch me I scratch you kind of deal”. For Universal Music, it was just about distribution and especially in Southern Africa. So it’s not just as people think.

Question: do you think you are doing better as an independent artist rather than when you were in P-Square?

Like I said, Im now free to do what I want. Im here now and have no restrictions or limitations that come with music groups.

It is you people seated infront of me who have made me what I am.

It is the media and the journalists who make artists big by reporting about them and their songs.

The market and chances of making bigger super stars in Africa lies in you guys and the way you can make it possible is to support them.

I know that we as artists have our weaknesses but please pass the positive messages about Africa, you must have wondered why CNN does not show any rowdy things in America rather only the good side of it.

In Africa here you find our journalists reporting famine, showing children suffering in the streets and dying as a result of hunger among other horrible things, that should stop, you have to concentrate on the positive side to make those guys respect us.

Question: what is the future of African music?

Rudeboy: African artists are always underlooked by the whites yet African music is growing and becoming more likeable. If we are celebrating Afromusic, it has to be within our continent, we have to make sure our music and cultures are respected.

Forget whoever you think in America is big, our Music in Africa is taking over, Afromusic is taking over the World.

Question: How did you share the songs after the split. You seem to still possess songs like Personally, Beautiful Onyinye, Chop My Money, Alingo, Do Me, Say Your Love.

Rudeboy: well I always find that question funny.It is like any other music group. The songs stay even if the group is no more. You are reminding me of those days when I was in studio. I know which song I wrote, produced and recorded. A group must have a manager. So its fine to still sing the same songs.

Question: From P-Square to King Rudy and now Rudeboy, don’t you like your name Paul Okoye or are you naturally rude? What is this obsession would “rude”?

Rudeboy: ah, ah, ah, let me stop there.My real names are Paul Okoye. That is what I write on my official documents and what I used in school. If Im looking for a job, that’s what I write and my bank accounts are all in names of Paul Okoye.

Rudeboy, bytheway, Im nolonger a boy. It shows transition from a boy to a man. Now, I am King Rudy. Also, I did not call myself those names. It was the fans who would yell when Im on stage “King Rudy! Rudeboy!” How come you had never asked this before? In any case, say I called myself Paul Okoye on stage, would you even come to my show?



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