Minister warns as medics sell free blood to patients

A Ugandan donates blood

State Minister for Primary Healthcare Joyce Moriku has warned medics who have now ventured into selling of blood meant to be given free of charge to patients to save lives.

This followed revelations made by #NBSInvestigates desk where patients had to part with huge sums of money before securing blood.

In this special report, Solomon Serwanjja gets under the skin of this vice and the reasons behind this crisis.

Uganda experiences a blood crisis due to shortages in most health centres.

Victoria University

As a result, hundreds of lives are lost.

Often time, opportunists take advantage of this shortage to sell blood that is freely donated by people.

Raphael Umony narrates how he was made to pay for blood inspite of being a donor.

Blood in hospital is supposed to be for free to patients but Raphael’s wife was asked for 200,000 twice in order to access the blood for the patient.

A few days later the patient died.



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