Corruption in UPDF prolonged war in north- Ofwono

Opondo addressing soldiers

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, Tuesday delivered a paper to pre-mission Battle Group XXX of the UPDF at Singo Peace support Operation Training Centre Nakaseke district.

Government in 2011, that is about twenty years ago, adopted what you have been hearing Vision 2040.

“Many of you in the villages where you come from, people do not have property,” Opondo told the soldiers.

“We should no longer by 2040 have Ugandans sleeping on the grounds like snakes “the woman’s gomesi is the bed sheet at night”.”

Victoria University

He said majority of Ugandans “fetch water from dirty sources” – so Uganda’s Vision 2040 is for persons to fetch water from clean sources.

“Life Expectancy the majority of our children were dying before they could see their third birthday “yet Chinese, Europeans, Americans are dying at the age of 90 year”.”

 He went on: “It means the burden on you would be reduced. On average, each one of you has six dependents with that plan, it means about 68% will be able to earn at least 300,000/= and be able to afford the basic needs of society.”

Government begun vocational schools for children that are unable to continue (secondary) “skills that you can put into use, immediately, even if you have failed to find a job”.

“Wherever you travel to Uganda today, you are able to see at least some improvement on the road network “that means the cost, the time of doing business has been reduced”.”  

“Can we make our country attractive, to different types of investors? First of all, Uganda must be peaceful and stable “for the first time in the history of mankind every part of Uganda is peaceful and stable”.

He told the soldiers: “A year from now when you come back from Somalia, where are you going to put your millions of shillings, so that the next five or so years, you live a better life? After Somalia please, live a better life “our hope is that all of you return safely”.”

Generally speaking, the country is moving in a progressive direction, but at a slow rate “for the first time we are having soldiers in Uganda retiring on their own”, Opondo noted.

On zero tolerance for corruption, Opondo said: “This is the message we should have for everyone “do you know why the war in Northern Uganda, partly, took twenty-years? It’s because there was corruption amongst some UPDF soldiers”.”



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