Rally legend Charlie Lubega son in car crash, paralysed


Michael Lubega, the son of rally legend Charlie Lubega is currently in hospital after sustaining injuries in a motor accident.

Lubega said his son Michael had a very bad accident at 3am on Friday morning.

It cracked his skull, eye socket and broke three cervical bones (C4,5 & 6).

One of the bones shattered and compressed the spinal cord leaving the body in paralysis.

Victoria University

He underwent surgery at IHK 1:30pm on Friday for close to seven hours.

First the neuro surgeon drilled the skull to drain a clot and all the haemorrhaged blood from the brain cavity.

Then the orthopaedic surgeons repaired C4, 5 & 6 with some bone grafted from the hip and used titanium plates and screws to secure and position.

Thereafter a plastic surgeon reconstructed his shattered ear, Lubega explained.

He spent the whole of Friday night in ICU in an induced coma at.

On Saturday, they started gradually reducing the sedation and he responded positively.

Mark and Michael Lubega at the FMU sprint Buloba [Photo by Kawowo Sports]

CT Scans were done on the brain and cervical vertebrae and confirmed that both ops were successful – without any issues.

On Sunday morning, he was to be taken off sedation and woken up to observe how he responds.

“Doctors are positive about the progress so far. Please keep him in your prayers,” Lubega said.

Michael and his brother Mark Lubega are also rally drivers attempting to continue their father’s legacy.

Lubega is Uganda’s four-time National Rally Champion. He won the titles between 2000 and 2004.



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