Mzee Kibor sets rules for 2020 men’s conference


Mzee Jackson Kibor, the patron of Men’s Association Kenya, says the Men’s Conference 2020 is right on schedule and will go on as planned.

Kibor, the chairman and patron of the conference, says this year’s gathering of men will take place at Kenyatta International Centre.

It will start on Valentines Day February 14 and run up 15 from 9am to 4pm.

Guest speakers of the day are Shaffie Weru, an entertainer and Andrew Kibe, a radio host.

Victoria University

While announcing the gathering, Kibor started by faulting deceased former Kenya President Daniel arap Moi who he says had human flaws and strengths.

“However, it seems the cries of people fell to his family as he mistreated, separated and abandoned his wife Lona and his family disintegrated. Maybe he was depressed even with power. A big lesson to politicians,” Kibor said in a tweet.

As the patron of the auspicious “Men’s Conference”, Kibor welcomed popular Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko: “Why travel abroad yet we have a bigger platform for us?”

Patron Kibor

He said former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta have already represented men.

Kibor then invited both Governor Nyoro and MP Ndindi Nyoro to the men’s conference.

“Our language and lifestyle speaker Robert Burale will take them through what’s required before they make a public Communications. Kenya is our business and men are the engines.”

At the conference, Kibor promised to warn men against the unbecoming behaviour of eating left overs which he said is prohibited among men.

“You are a let-down. Or you are the goat itself?” he castigated a man reported on social media to had been caught eating left overs.

A resident of Eldoret and member of the Kalenjin community, Kibor applauded Kenya afropop music group Sauti Sol for taking “us back in their new dressing”.

“This was my best dress code that earned me wives and fame too,” he boasted.

Sauti Sol

“I want to take this opportunity to tell all me that our planned men’s conference #MensConference2020 is fully on course.”

He said they have taken time to mourn his “age set”, Kalenjin leader Mzee Moi, but thereafter shall have a big conference to honour him and guide the Youths.

All men across Kenya are advised to fully adhere to the men’s conference schedule that will be out on Sunday.

“I will be at the front to guide the young & old men with wisdom, experience and how to marry many wives while still remaining afloat and strong.”

He added: “We are men and we mean it. Unleashing the warrior in the men.”

This is not a preaching session but a lifestyle meeting for men, Kibor explained.

Kibor says health eating is key

“Raverand Shaffie Weru will guide you on best drinking habits while yours truly Mzee Kibor will give you secrets in healthy eating to remain active to old age.”

According to Kibor, healthy eating is key to long term sexual performance in men.

“My friend Mzee Wenslaus Bikeke Waswa from Kitale always tell me that in Luhya land, mukombero is a key diet for men no wonder we keep marrying more wives. I advise youths to partake the healthy plant.”

Mzee Kibor is a veteran politician, Eldoret-based businessman, farmer, marriage & divorce expert and founder Men’s Conference.



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