#WhatsNext: Makerere graduates arrested in city demo

Graduates staging along Kampala roads

Police has arrested graduates from Makerere University for holding an illegal peaceful protest in Kampala.

On Monday morning, the graduates positioned themselves along Kampala busy routes with placards asking #WhatsNext?

The youth clad in graduation gowns staged at different city intersections and roundabouts for everyone to see.

The hashtag is currently trending on social media with Ugandans either denouncing the move or expressing solidarity with the jobless graduates.

Victoria University

Some social media users asked the group composed of both females and males to stop seeking importance and look for jobs quietly.

According to them, there is no justification for protests when they just graduated last month and haven’t tested the actual unemployment.

Over 1,3000 graduated from the institution this January.

Later in the afternoon, police officers picked them up one by one and whisked them away.

“I am in a default setting to empathize with any unemployed person. Never experienced it, but I have seen what it can do. Shreds every form of self-esteem. Both family and society stigmatize you as a leech, useless and lazy,” said lawyer Silver Kayondo.

Police arrests them

He added: “Well, even for “sponsored” political demonstrations/protests, you have to dig deeper and examine why the participants would say yes to such short-term and risky “incentives” at the expense of tear gas, arrest and possible prosecution. The “gig economy” is not just linear.”



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