Uganda artist Jjagwe work to teach American kids

L-R: Margaret Kafeero (Counselor), Mr. Solomon Jjagwe (artist), Amb. Mull Katende (Head of Mission), Mrs Kim Jjagwe, Amb. Santa Laker-Kinyera (Deputy Chief of Mission)

Amb. Mull Katende, Friday received paintings of Uganda’s wildlife from Ugandan artist Solomon Jjagwe and his wife Kim, as part of a cultural and tourism promotion partnership with the Uganda Embassy, Washington, DC.

His artwork will be on loan to the Uganda Embassy and will be displayed on some of the Official Chancery walls as well as at the Official residence.

Solomon, is an independent film director, 3D artist and animator originally from Uganda, currently based in the US.

He attended Ohio Valley University, Montgomery College and George Mason University, majoring in Art and Visual Technology.

Victoria University

Since November of 2009, he works full time on projects that emphasize wildlife conservation through his animated mountain gorilla film, Galiwango, Obulamu Bw’ekisodde (The Life of a Mountain Gorilla).

He is also the creator of the Nkoza and Nankya series, a story about two children who live both in Uganda and in the diaspora, as well as the Nkoza and Nankya App that teaches children to learn local Ugandan languages through, counting, song, rhymes and storytelling.

Solomon’s animation work will be used by the Uganda Embassy as a teaching resource in the DC Public Schools Embassy Adoption Programme (EAP).

The EAP is a unique education programme that exposes DC Public Schools students to international perspectives and cross-cultural lessons through direct interactions with embassies and other global entities.

In this programme, Fifth and Sixth grade students attending DC Public Schools have the opportunity to learn about the language, customs, history and culture of their partner’s home country and culture.

Solomon will partner with the Uganda Embassy in providing class-friendly tools that are user-friendly for non-Ugandan children by communicate lessons about Uganda in a format they are familiar with.

“We look forward to a great partnership with Solomon,” the embassy said.



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