Police ‘threatens to shoot’ MP Nsamba’s guests over Bobi Wine

The officer took the microphone from MP Nsamba

Police on Friday broke up a thanksgiving ceremony that Kasanda North MP Patrick Nsamba had organised for his father for inviting Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Nsamba’s family had organised the ceremony for their elderly father, an NRA war veteran, but didn’t even cut the cake.

Saasi Marvin, a People Power youth leader, said trouble started when Hon. Nsamba took to the microphone and invited his fellow MPs in attendance to the stage.

DPC Daniel Ogwellan pleads with Bobi Wine

Among them was Bobi Wine. Nsamba just wanted to introduce fellow lawmakers to his other guests.

Victoria University

Kasanda District Police Commander Daniel Ogwellan first pleaded with Bobi Wine to “please leave the venue and save my job”.

“No sooner had they stepped on the stage than the area police leader also jumped onto it, grabbed a microphone, and ordered everyone to disperse or else they would be shot dead,” Marvin said.

“Literally. Just like that.” The function then turned chaotic as guests scattered in all directions to save their lives, abandoning the yet-to-be-cut cake on its stand.

The guests

“The police guy, seething with inexplicable anger, said Bobi’s presence at the event was in breach of the law. He did not state what law the law was.”

“He [the officer] did not know it. Because it doesn’t exist. Yet he insisted that Bobi was breaking that law,” Marvin noted.

He said Bobi did not utter a word at the function or fight anybody or disobey any order.

The confrontation

“He just walked away. Yet even then, the police patrol still pursued us up to Kampala, more than 80kms away.”

Marvin told edge.ug on Saturday morning that the function was aborted and the MPs walked away after police threatened to start shooting.

“We drove away and returned to Kampala with police hot on our tail.”

MPs Francis Zaake, Bobi Wine and People Power spokesperson, Joel Ssenyonyi at the event

Bobi Wine described police’s action of blocking the event as “illegal”.

Zaake speaks

Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake, who was part of the event, said it was massive at the thanksgiving ceremony which ended on a sad note.

“On a rather sad note, Police invaded the stage as soon as Hon. Nsamba had invited us to introduce us to the guests, and ordered everyone to disperse or else they would shoot us there and then,” Zaake explained.

He said the function immediately ended in a stampede as the peaceful guests were forced to scamper for safety.

“It is unfortunate that today, the people of Kassanda have had a first-hand experience of the oppression and blatant abuse of power that punctuates General Museveni’s illegitimate regime on a daily basis.”

He added: “It is excesses like the one we have witnessed today that the People Power movement works tirelessly day and night to put a stop to, once and for all!”



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