2021: Kisoro hands Museveni spear & shield

Museveni brandishing the spear and shield

President Museveni spent Wednesday in Murora Subcounty, Bufumbira East Constituency, Kisoro District.

The people of this sub county voted overwhelmingly for the NRM with the highest percentage of votes in Kigezi region, in the last election cycle.

Museveni addresses the people of Kisoro

With this mandate, the NRM has been able to carry out infrastructure developments in the area for example tarmacking the Kabale-Kisoro road, electricity, schools and now piped water, restored peace and unity in the region.

These have laid a good foundation for development, Museveni said.

Victoria University

He said the people of Murora and Kigezi region in general ought to maximally take advantage of this environment to develop, by improving their household incomes through commercialising agriculture, small scale industries, etc.

Government is going to work on the roads that lead to the major tourist attractions in the region, which will boost the economy in the region.

“I appeal to the people of Kigezi region to abandon the practice of land fragmentation because this disables land as the small units cannot be used for farming that is commercially viable,” he said, thanking them for turning up in large numbers.

NRM members dancing for the president

Kigezi leaders in turn handed Museveni instruments of power including a spear and a shield as the ruling NRM sole candidate heads for 2021 general elections.



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