Police to presidential aspirants: we’ll use necessary force

CP Fred Enanga the Police Spokesperson and KMP Deputy PRO ASP Luke Owoyesigyire, addressing the Media on the General Security situation in the country at Police Headquarters Naguru.

Police says it has noticed that some political actors and groups have released road-maps for public consultations online, and went on calling delegates and supporters to take part in these consultations. 

“We would like to remind them that it is a requirement under the EC guidelines, for all aspiring Presidential Candidates to formally notify the police,” said police spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga on Monday. 

Addressing press at Naguru police headquarters, Enanga said at the moment they are carefully monitoring all politicians planning on holding consultations to ensure they do not flout these guidelines.

“Based on recent experience, we saw the negative impact of illegal processions and assemblies, were serious threats to public order and public safety, where witnessed in Kasangati, Jinja and Soroti.” 

Victoria University

He said as a result, they would like to ask all politicians and their organizers to work with the police to achieve their objective of consultations.

“As the public would expect, we continue gathering intelligence on all potential risks and threats to public safety.” 

The police have plans to respond proportionately, in the face of any violent situation by using minimum but necessary force that may include the use of teargas to disperse and arrest the offenders.

“All our Territorial Commanders have been reminded to train and equip our officers to maintain public order and to further have effective plans of mobilizing officers within their territorial jurisdiction or across territories where necessary.”

“We pledge to continue policing all lawful and peaceful assemblies.  We also call upon the public to help us fight illegal protests by being vigilant and reporting any suspicious behaviour.”



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