Opposition turning on itself- Mao

Mao meeting Muslim leaders in Arua

Democratic Party President Norbert Mao has thrown hot jibes at other opposition members who want to be fronted as the joint candidate in 2021 elections.

Mao’s calculated attack came days after People Power leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine hosted DP leaders at his home in Magere, Kasangati Town Council in Wakiso district.

“We are the United Forces of Change,” Bobi Wine said Friday after hosting “these comrade leaders of the Democratic Party”.

He said they discussed a wide range of issues and most importantly, agreed that the struggle has reached a critical phase.

Victoria University

“Each one of us must put aside anything that would divert us and focus on the mission to liberate our country. The more we unite, the stronger we are,” he said.

Mao speaks

On Tuesday morning, Mao pointed out: “Why are the so called united forces of change turning on each other instead of to each other?”

“As we negotiate joint candidatures, ambition must meet with ambition. Why assume that only one group has ambition? Why present a fait accompli?”

Mao said the most important precondition for agreement is mutual respect or parity of esteem.

“We have largely reunited DP because we have demonstrated respect for all. As we forge unity of the forces of change let’s light a candle for Kobe Bryant [deceased American basketball player] and remember his words on teamwork. We need each other!”

Respect for all

At the close of last week, Mao met DP leaders in Arua town.

He spent three days in Arua district seeing how the party is strengthened to win more Parliamentary and local council seats in West Nile region in the run up to the 2021 general elections.

He also met various religious leaders at their offices in Arua Diocese, Irshad and Hijira mosques in Arua district.

He advocated for religious tolerance as the citizens of the country need to coexistence.

Mao whose family is half Christian and Muslim on account of the fact that his father converted to Islam and back to Anglican religion says he equally joined a Quranic school at Bugembe Islamic Theological College in Jinja district before being baptized a Catholic at Namilyango College.

Mao returns to Arua in February to preside over a regional workshop for DP aspirants in both Parliamentary and local governments in West Nile region in readiness for the 2021 general elections.

Mao told the people of Arua to make their electoral choices based on a clear understanding that Uganda is badly in need is healing.

“We do not need another hero (in Tina Turner’s voice). We need a healing President!”

He also told them not to be carried away by antics orchestrated by office seekers who stand on the quicksand of opportunism and lack any foundational values.

DP has consistently condemned the stigmatisation and persecution of Muslims, he said while meeting Muslim leaders.



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