Maj Noami Karungi dies in army jet crash

Major Naomi Karungi with NTV's Sudhir Byaruhanga

Major Naomi Karungi, the only lady pilot who could fly ranger choppers, is one of the victims of Bulo, Butambala district UPDAF Jet Ranger crash Tuesday.

Sudhir Byaruhanga, NTV reporter who once interviewed Karungi, said she was so full of passion and inspiration to the women and girls out there.

“I never knew this was the last time I would see you. I remember that flight above Kampala. You shared your story on how the calling to serve the nation made you make so many sacrifices every day,” Byaruhanga said.

Karungi speaking to NTV

He added: “You never relented even when everything seemed tough. Rest in peace gallant pilot.”

Victoria University

Karungi, according to reports, has been doing her job for the last 14 years.

She was flying the Jet Ranger AF 302 as a pilot instructor with pilot cadet Bernard Wakalu, a trainee.

Air Forces Africa Commander Maj. Gen. Margaret Woodward (left) meets Ugandan Peoples Defence Air Force pilots Pilot Cadet Carolyne Nanyema (right) and Lieutenant Naomi Karungi (right center) while UPDAF Deputy Commander Brig. Gen. Samuel Turyagyenda (center) looks on at Entebbe Air Base, Uganda. General Woodward was touring the air base during a Senior Leader Engagement to the partner nation focused on sharing expertise and capacity building. (U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Jim Fisher) on 13 December 2011.

She joined UPDF in 2005 and had vast experience.

She spent three years at Soroti Flying School learning the basics of controlling and flying an aircraft.

Naomi got a Private Pilot Licence is flying basic aircraft before she upgraded while at the Entebbe airbase.



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