FDC cuts cake on roadside with teargas flavour

FDC members cut their cake on roadside as teargas clouds billows in the background

In Rukiga district, south western Uganda, opposition Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] officials were forced to cut their 15th anniversary cake on the roadside.

The Monday incident came about after police cordoned off Muhanga Play Grounds where the celebrations were supposed to take place and then seized the party’s cake.

“Rukiga finally cuts a cake to celebrate FDC 15 years of struggle,” the party said later in the day after most had lost hope.

Mwijukye faces off with police

FDC mobilisation secretary, Ingrid Turinawe, said the reason why FDC has persisted for all these years is keeping focused.

Victoria University

She said in Rukiga, chasing members from the playground did not stop them from doing their thing on the road.

“Teargas did not stop the cutting of the cake,” Ingrid pointed out.

Cutting of the cake

Mass celebrations

In Mbarara town, celebrations were graced by the Party President Patrick Oboi Amuriat and Lord Mayor Ssalongo Erias Lukwago who led the team from Kampala.

FDC Mbarara district Chairman Stanley Katembeya coordinated and organised the celebrations.

Burning barricades

In Ntugamo district, Ingrid led FDC’s 15th anniversary celebration with numerous stop over rooftop address.

In Bushenyi district, Buhweju County MP Francis Mwijukye, spearheaded the celebrations with much police interference.

Other celebrations took place in Kabale, Kiruhura and Kisoro, despite the heavy deployments and accompanying teargas.

Mwijukye faces off with police

Other officials on the grounded included; Munyagwa Mubarak, Ibrahim Nganda Ssemujju, Mulindwa Walid Lubega who was arrested in Kiruhura and later released, activists Nyanjura Doreen, Atuhairwe Nicholas and Brian Atuheire Batenda.

Citizens detained for helping Ingrid

Meanwhile, Ingrid claims two people who helped her on the road were arrested and detained at Ntungamo police station.

Ingrid waves to a crowd

“I have just received information that Mr. Musinguzi Banard and Mr. Beyongyera George are in police cells of Ntungamo and their health condition is worrying.”

She said the two gentlemen spotted her on the roadside in Ntungamo while they were travelling to Mbarara.

“I was stuck after the DPC of Ntungamo used a gun Bayonet/ knife to pierce all my four car tyres leaving them empty flat with big holes.”

Cutting the cake

The two gentlemen from Buyanja Subcounty in Rukungiri know her very well hence they got out of their car while the DPC watched them and helped her evacuate from the scene.

“They offered their car and jumped on a boda boda, continued their journey. I have just learnt this angered the DPC who dispatched goons that followed, chased them and knocked them to the tarmac while they were riding.”

Mwijukye cuts a cake

She said they had gone towards Itojo areas. They were beaten badly after which they were driven back to Ntungamo police. They are now detained together with the motorcycle.



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