ADF, Mai-Mai militia raid Congo army

Congo army on hunt of ADF rebels

Congo army says it repulsed a sneak attack by elements of the Allied Democratic Forces [ADF] in Beni territory, North Kivu Province.

“After being subjected to our strikes on the Mutara valley, the enemy tried to infiltrate and attack our positions,” said Major Mak Hazukay, spokesperson for Operation Sokola1 on Monday.

He said the situation is now under control and “the enemy is now caught”.

According to Maj Mak, the ADF jihadists are on the loose following the capture of their Medina Camp headquarters and killing of their combatants.

Victoria University

“They are now moving by satellite groups and stealing bean supplies from civilians.”

Major Mak, however, noted that as they focus on the ADF to eliminate those who kill their compatriots, Mai-Mai militia also attack them.

“The difficulty is that the Mai-Mai attack us from behind and prevent us from evolving,” he noted.



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